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Our History

OPHS opened its’ doors in December, 2002, the Michigan Primary Care Association approached the Pontiac Health Initiative (PHI), collaboration between the City of Pontiac, North Oakland Medical Center, Pontiac Osteopathic Hospital and St. Joseph’s Mercy Hospital – Oakland, to collaborate on ways to improve the health status of residents in the Greater Pontiac area. The two agencies worked together to gather data and health statistics to support a request of funding from the U.S. Government. The PHI approached Oakland Livingston Human Service Agency (OLHSA) to serve as the fiduciary for the newly incorporated Oakland Primary Health Services.

In September 2002, OPHS was officially awarded a section 330 grant from the Bureau of Primary Health Care to deliver primary health care services to the medically underserved in and around Pontiac, MI.
OPHS was emancipated from its fiduciary in March 2003.

Our Vision

OPHS will substantially improve disparate health conditions (Infant mortality, teen pregnancy, asthma, diabetes, oral health, mental health, low birth weight and high cancer rates) for the targeted population by: Collaborating and partnering with our community and staffed by high quality professionals and
operating in a cost-effective and financially responsible manner.

Our Mission

Viagra is the most famous drug in the history of the pharmaceutical industry, and there is a reason. Firstly, it is the first drug that was universally effective in erectile dysfunction (ED). Secondly, modern lifestyle is only increasing the prevalence of ED. And, thirdly, men are now less shy to discuss their sexual problems and seek treatment. ED is not just a failure to achieve an erection, but a failure to have an erection hard enough to enjoy sex. Some men may have an erection, but they may fail to maintain it, or erection may not be hard enough. It is estimated that there are about 18 million men above the age of 20 are living with ED. And, still, researchers think that is only the tip of the iceberg, and real figures may be much higher. Regretfully, ED is also on the rise. Its prevalence is much higher in certain disease conditions. Thus, 50% of those living with diabetes may have ED. Why is ED on the rise? There are various reasons for the rise of ED in the US. In young adults, it is on the rise due to a higher prevalence of anxiety, psychological issues, caused by higher expectations, carrier issues, and much more. In the 40 plus generation, an epidemic of ED is fueled by the rise of so-called metabolic disorders. Diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular issues, obesity, neurodegenerative diseases, depression, anxiety, are all on the rise. Regretfully, medications used to treat various diseases in young and older men also negatively affect male potency. Thus, medicines used to treat depression or hypertension may lower the quality of erection. Changing dietary habits are only making things worse. Today, obesity in the USA is at epidemic proportions, and the majority of men are living with it. It means that problems of low testosterone are becoming more common. What is Viagra? To begin with, Viagra is 100% made in the USA medication. It was created by one of the biggest US pharmaceutical company called Pfizer. Viagra is the brand name. Each tablet of Viagra contains a chemical compound called sildenafil. It means that sildenafil and Viagra are names of the same thing. Viagra was initially created in the late 1980s to treat heart disease. It did not help much with the heart conditions, and the company was almost ready to abandon the project. However, when researchers analyzed the list of other reported effects of the drug, they found that the majority of men reported considerably improved sexual life and quality of erection, and thus Viagra was born. Once Pfizer, a pharma company based in the USA realized that this thing is good for erectile dysfunction, it changed the objectives of its research. In the end, they found that it helped in most men with impotence. Before Viagra, there was no oral medication that was so effective for the condition or could help in most of the cases. 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As per the international law, a company that first creates the drug has exclusive right over it for 15 years, and after that, others can copy the drug. For Viagra in the USA, the patent expired in 2007. Therefore, no surprise that nowadays, most online pharmacies are selling generic forms of Viagra. Another thing important to know is that Viagra is now not the only PDE5 inhibitors, other pharmaceutical companies have created medications that are very close to Viagra chemically, but with some differences like Cialis, Levitra, and so on. To conclude, if someone is living with ED, there is nothing as effective or safe as Viagra, something now proven by more than billion prescriptions of the drug. It is one of the most selling medications in the USA and the world. So, if you have a problem with getting an erection that is hard enough, it is the treatment of choice. The only thing important is to buy it from pharmacies with a good history, as falsification is an emerging problem in the USA.

The Mission – Our mission is to provide comprehensive, quality and culturally sensitive primary and preventive health care services to the medically under-served in Pontiac and surrounding communities,including the uninsured, under-insured and those with ability to pay.

Pontiac Michigan, Oakland County

Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC)

Steven Grant

Chief Executive Officer

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